Services We Offer

The Tesark Team implements a major number of our Web-apps on the Ruby on Rails platform. What is Ruby on Rails you ask? Well, Ruby on Rails, or simply Rails, is an open source web application framework written in Ruby. Rails is a full-stackframework that emphasizes the use of well-known software engineering patterns and paradigms.

A little bit confusing at first glance, but Rails is our Forte. We here at Tesark have been using Rails for more than a year to craft our Web Applications with utmost precision and efficiency, and Rails has been there for us throughout. All our major projects that you will witness in our Portfolio has been designed and coded using Ruby on Rails.

Mobile Phones have taken a stronghold of our lives, they have become a part of us in whatever we do. Be it navigating through a city street to helping out in our daily exercise routines. What we here build and do for these phones is an art by itself. Our apps are built to please the customer without missing the main point of an addictive User Interface. The true success of an app relies not on being downloaded but the number of times it is clicked on per day and We here try to ensure that our Users/You do just that.

iOS Apps

Yes, You heard us. iOS and Apple are the biggest things out there right now. The bitten Apple is whats bitten everyone, and everyone wants a piece of it and so we are here to cater. It is not known as the most beautiful Mobile Operating System without a reason. Our team of designers are here to provide you with an experience your customers/clients will never want to leave.Our designs are optimised and our apps and products responsive to fit into all their devices without any commotions, from the iPad to the iTouch.

Android Apps

Google’s Android are innovators of their respective fields. They have captured the largest market share for a reason. We as an App development company set foot into mobile apps with Android, and it will always hold a special place in our hearts. The number of mobile phones that they cater to inspire us to build better apps for all viewers on various platforms and we will keep striving to get better. Our apps are made to suit the needs of tablet users and mobile phone addicts.

At Tesark,we provide end to end Ecommerce solutions built on top of Shopify.This can be a simple Online Store or a Multi Vendor Market Place.

Online Store

This is an Ecommerce site where you can list your products for customers/business to buy.This can be a B2B or B2C platform.

We will help you setup your store,connect you to logistics provider,handle your online payments.

Multi Vendor Market Place

An Ecommerce platform where you can act as a platform provider for vendors to sell products on your platform.

Please contact us for further details on this



SMS or Short Messaging Service is now an essential part of every online service that We as Customers/clients have been subjected to. When we book a ticket, say a Movie ticket or a Bus ticket the procedure of printing out a mail is a tad bit too tedious for people with busy worklives. SMS platforms step in here and provide an easier and more feasible solution. By sending a simple text message with the necessary details regarding the transaction the User can now flash the message be it to get into a movie theatre or a bus. Also important notifications such as registrations and new notifications that otherwise would be hard for a user to reach and easy to miss is now easily reached by using SMSes. Our team incorporates highly reliable bulk messaging platform APIs into your App and makes life so much easier for everyone.


Our SMS platform enables you to send SMS via a simple Excel file upload or use our API to send out Transactional or Promotional SMS

You can view a demo of the dashboard here

username: demo_user1

password: 699717

*this demo account doesnt have credits,please contact us for a demo

Please contact us for pricing/credits for SMS


View the API documentation here

Email Services are a must for every application from any platform. An email is the most basic and default way that an App or a Service Provider communicates with their client. What we specialize in are our exquisite designs for notification mails that our clients need delivered to their customers. We also make sure that our mails are not marked as spam and our email routes are Whitelisted.

LiveStreaming is a growing sector and our team already has an impressive lineup of services that we have created for our clients. Our LiveStreaming service was built from scratch by the best designers in the house. Our LiveStreaming services also incorporate a number of tweaks that we made including a “Comments” section that lets a user communicate with the “LiveStreamer”.

Domain and Server hosting is an important item in our arsenal. We make sure that we provide complete assistance to ur clients in the Industry of the World Wide Web. Using the highly efficient AWS (Amazon Web Services) and DO (Digital Ocean) we make sure that our esteemed and valuable clients get nothing lesser than what they deserve. We ensure Minimal to Zero downtown with high I/O speeds, also our servers are tailor made to suit the needs of every app that we build, hence making our Products fast and efficient so that You can have the best experience.

Enterprise Resource Planning is a vast field which has been exploited for years on end. The latest development in the land of ERP solutions is making them cloud based. Our team are experts in creating custom-made ERP solutions based solely on the clients business which we first analyse and completely understand, so that the solution is a perfect fit. Our various solutions are :

  • IMS (Inventory Management System)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • POS (Point of Sales)
  • Accounts & Finance Management System
  • Tracking Sales
  • HRM (Human Resource Management)