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CEG Hostel Management System (CEGHOMES) involved creating an online hostel registration system for the freshers joining college and also a re-registration system for the already existing students. As this was our Alma-Mater we were inspired to create something our Institution deserved.

The catch in this project was that the¬†existing student data records weren’t perfect. Hence the App had to ensure that it would be as easy entering data for any missing students as the whole process of re-registration. On the whole the project was a success and the institution proud of its Alumni.


CEG Homes platform has number of essential features regarding the complete hostel management and registration/re-registration process.Easy-to-manage student data is the key that enabled our Alma-Mater to adopt this as a complete hostel solution.

Our Hostel management process had inbuilt a simple but efficient photo system that could be activated by either a webcam or the inbuilt cam so that the students did not need to take and upload their photos in a extended tedious procedure.

The tiniest details are taken into consideration for our student community in the CEG Homes project. we make sure no data is missed during the registration/re-registration process.

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